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The marketing of products and services is an important aspect of any business. Effective delivery of a company’s offerings is key to success in today’s constantly evolving and diverse business world. This program provides the framework for understanding markets, competitors, product portfolios and consumer behavior from an international perspective. You’ll learn about the latest developments in e-marketing strategies, advertising and media; preparing you for a career in international marketing.

Online Program

EU Business School’s Online MBA is held over three, 10-week terms and has the same structure as the full-time MBA program. Average MBA-related work time is around 30 to 40 hours per week for the full-time program and 20 to 25 for the part-time option. Each term, participants take five courses and various seminars online. Coursework includes online team building and group work, peer-to-peer communication, online lectures, active class discussions, on-campus work and case study analyses.

The program web portal is available 24 hours a day, with open access to study materials, syllabi, plans, and guides, reading materials, lectures and discussion forums. In addition to virtual access to classroom materials, students can also count on a comprehensive support network.

Online MBA students are required to turn in a project at the end of their final term that will take about six months to complete. Each student is assigned a faculty advisor or mentor who will guide them during the process.

On Campus

After nine weeks of online study, students travel to one of EU’s main campuses in Barcelona, Geneva or Munich to take part in on-campus week. Students are only required to attend one on-campus week throughout the duration of the program. During on-campus week, students meet their classmates and take part in lectures, industrial visits, exams and networking events that complement their online experience.

Term I Term II Term III
Management skills Finance International Marketing
Organizational Behavior Human Resources Management Sales Management
Managerial Accounting Global Economics Marketing Research
Marketing Strategic Management E-Marketing Strategies
Quantitative Business Methods Management Information System Advertising & Media
Negotiation (Seminar) Business Strategy Simulation
Business Law (Seminar) Job Career Planning (Seminar)
Personal & Professional Development Communication Skills (Seminar)
Personal & Professional Development

Learning Outcome

1) Explore how companies make the most from their investments, from managing data to communications.

2) Apply key principles that enhance communication and effectiveness.

3) Analyze the micro functions of human resources management and explore its strategic importance.

4) Analyze and create alternative investment projects.

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Graduation Requirements

EU Dissertation
The dissertation allows students to combine the skills and tools acquired throughout their MBA into a final project that uses strategic business thinking for success in the business world. Is it to be turned in within three months of the end of the final term? Students choose their topic with the help of their MBA Dissertation Advisor. Many participants use it to study a new market they want to enter as entrepreneurs; others use it as a tool to research and analyze their existing companies.

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